Medicare Supplement Plans

Insurance made Easy!

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Insurance made Easy!

Understanding Medicare by Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans overview

Blue Medicare SupplementSM from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina For North Carolina beneficiaries enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B

Choose the plan that’s right for you
• See the doctor you want
• Value-added discounts
• Freedom to see any Medicare-approved provider nationwide

Blue-to-Blue: The freedom to choose
Blue-to-Blue gives every Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) Medicare Supplement member the freedom to switch plans. Members can switch plans at designated times throughout the year. So, current members can always be sure to have the Medicare Supplement plan that best suits their needs and budget.**

Savings and peace of mind
Medicare only covers some of your medical costs. That’s why Blue Cross NC offers dependable Medicare Supplement plans for Medicare beneficiaries, to help lessen the worries over costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. Choose from a variety of Blue Medicare SupplementSM plans to find the plan that best fits your needs and your budget.

A local company you can trust
Blue Cross NC has over 85 years of experience in the health care industry and serves more than 239,0001 North Carolina Medicare beneficiaries.
• We’re North Carolina’s most preferred health insurer.2

See the doctor you want
No matter which Blue Medicare SupplementSM plan you choose, you’re free to select your own Medicare-participating doctor or visit any Medicare-participating hospital. In most cases, your Part A and Part B Medicare claims and supplement claims are handled automatically by Blue Cross NC.
• Choice of Medicare-participating doctors
• Easy to use, virtually no claims to file

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No waiting periods
If you enroll early, you may be eligible for this plan without waiting periods for pre- existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are conditions for which medical advice was given or treatment was recommended by or received from a physician within six months before the effective date of coverage. If you wait until after the deadline to enroll, you may have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

Guaranteed acceptance by enrolling early
You cannot be turned down for Blue Medicare SupplementSM and may not have to complete a medical questionnaire if you meet the following criteria:
• You are age 65 or older, or under age 65 and are eligible for Medicare due to disability3
• You enroll within 6 months of enrolling in Medicare Part B
• You are not covered by certain Medicaid programs
• You are a resident of North Carolina

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